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Complete Report on the Unique Strategy that's Guaranteed to Make You a Minimum of 200k in Profits Per Month from Web Design & Digital Marketing as an Agency/Individual.

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The difference between success and failure in any business lies within the methodology applied. While there are many techniques for closing web design/digital marketing related deals, whether you an individual or digital agency; the simplicity and practicality of these methods, is what determines your success story. This report shows you straight to the point fail proof strategy that costs absolutely nothing. You will spend zero naira on advertising/convincing and in fact, this strategy puts you in a position where you would have an edge over your prospect and earn their trust 100%. If this strategy have worked for many individuals and digital agencies alike, there's no reason as to why this strategy won't work for you.
Not only has Kala Bundle helped us scale and triple our income as a digital agency, the rich library of templates have also been very helpful!
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Why Kala Bundle?

If the average ratio of closing a web design/digital marketing deal on a scale of 1-10 is 4-5, this report increases your chances from an average of 5/10 to 8-9/10.

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Let’s face it, getting a web design job is hard! And unless of course you know people or you have a network of family/friends who recommend you every time to high profile clients, it’s going to be somewhat difficult to make a living off web design/digital marketing most especially as a novice.

Kala Ng Bundle completely changed my orientation as a web designer. I didn't believe I could make close to 200k monthly without working for anyone.
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Difference Between a

Product and a Service

There’s a great difference between selling a product and a service. A product is tangible; a service is usually non-tangible.  And most of the time, when trying to sell your services to prospects, you must ensure you have eliminated the trust barrier. Because in the beginning, most of them won’t trust you until they have paid you to get the job done and you deliver as promised. However, the problem is getting them to pay you, which many of them by default will be very skeptical to do, as that would mean that they are taking a risk by paying you up front. 

With this strategy, you will learn how to make them trust you and be willing to pay for your services almost immediately.

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I am Samson O. Oluwatoyin, a digital marketer, web designer and founder of Naija Income School (