How I Got Started (My Journey)

This is how I got started, in early 2011, I started as an armature designing websites using HTML, CSS and a bit of JavaScript. I wasn’t so good but at least I came up with something.  In late 2011, a friend of mine introduced me to, which I initially confused for (so in case you too still don’t know, these two are totally different platforms) is an online website builder, while is an on open source content management system (CMS). 

One of the things that quickly made me fall in love with as a CMS, was because of its plugin architecture. What this simply meant for me was simply the fact that I could add almost any functionality I needed on a WordPress site using a plugin plus there is always a plugin for almost any functionality you want on a WordPress site and if the feature is so unique, you can outsource the job to a professional WordPress developer or hand code it yourself if you have the technical know-how.


In early 2012, I had mastered WordPress so well that I was even better than the friend of mine who introduced it to me. Then I started designing websites for my friends and family members who needed a website, and most of them paid me a token in return for my efforts. It was quite encouraging and I loved the process and not long after that I started building websites as a side hustle, and mostly got recommendations from previous customers which formed a bulk of my customer base. And I was doing okay since it was just a side hustle. 

My Turning Point

However, as time went by, I needed something more stable plus most of the referrals I got weren’t willing to pay me too much as they were using the familiarity syndrome to their advantage based on the fact that they got referred by a friend and they simply beg not to be charged too much. As all of these was happening, I started taking online marketing courses, Googled tons of resources on how to get more clients, that was how I got to know the popular digital marketer Neil Patel and a host of many others including Dan Lock in recent years.

How Everything Changed

I Needed Something More (Part 1)

I learnt so many of their strategies of which I put into work; some of which includes prospecting and writing web design proposals which I must confess actually worked but didn’t quite give me the results that I wanted. On a ratio of 15-20, I hardly get 2-3 businesses/individuals to pay me to build their website and sometimes a few of my clients would want me to add almost all the features in the world to their website for the same fee I charged them even after I was done. And because I didn’t know better, I would agree and kept adding features upon features and sometimes, it would get tiring and would have to call it quit with such clients as they weren’t willing to pay for those features they wanted. 

I remember narrating my ordeal to a friend who suggested I go work with a digital agency saying that would get me enough money for my up keep without having to worry about finding clients myself. 

My Research to Make More Money (Part 2)

So I decided to go that route and submitted my CV online and mostly got invited almost immediately, plus many were even willing to pay me more than 100k per month seeing what I could do. 

While I won’t say I am an extremely hard-working guy, I was definitely not lazy and so I quickly realised that the so called digital agencies were only interested in using me in getting as many job as they could; now don’t get me wrong, it’s what I got paid to do but there are certain things that aren’t normal like working even after you are home up until 11pm and waking up early to go to work (I almost didn’t have enough time for myself not to talk about family). While they didn’t own me any salary, I wanted more time to myself plus a flexible working schedule which most of them were not willing to offer. So I ended up quitting most of those jobs.

My Success Story

It’s been three years now and it has only gotten better and better. I now work directly from home and get nothing less than 2-3 to high profile web design jobs out of every 7 clients I talk to using a unique strategy that I am going to share with you in my report.

The Strategy I used

This strategy doesn’t require you to spend any dime on online advertising, neither will you have to send tons and tons of emails or physically walk into offices to drop business proposals/ cards telling them what you can do (only a few of those actually work in real life). This unique strategy works like charm and earns me an average of 150-200k in profits per month.

Now what I am about to reveal to you isn’t some Forex trading secrets or online investments, it’s an actual strategy of how I get web design jobs right from the comfort of my house without any form of online marketing and 90% of the time, most clients offer to pay me after our first conversation. Although I must warn you, based on my own experience, most of them would almost instantaneously, offer you a job most of which I usually decline politely in my own case as that would take away my free time.

Emails from Some of My Case Studies


My Unique Strategy

I have compiled a brief and straight forward 10 pages of report that contains all of the strategies I used in securing high profile web design jobs, including viable locations (States) that works best for these strategies (I would not recommend you get this report if you live outside of Lagos, Abuja, Oyo and Ogun State as these are the locations that I and some of my case studies have tested and they worked just fine).

What’s Contained in Kala NG Ultimate Digital Bundle?

  • 10 Page Report
    This report contains my unique fail poof strategy for getting businesses to pay for your web design and digital marketing services on first encounter (makes me 250-300k per month).
  • After Sale Digital Suite Killer Proposal
    A copy and paste type of proposal that have proven to work several times for my clients after using the unique strategy contained in the above mentioned report, this is usually step two after applying the first strategy.
  • Free 500+ Templates
    Professionally designed wordpress website templates; that covers almost every niche plus my personal pro web design tool.
  • Free Bonus Tips;
    The hosting company I use that pays me 50$ (₦19,000) per referrals and a domain registrar I use in registering domain names for my clients at the lowest fees possible for in the industry for .com domains.

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